Flannery Safety Consulting Is Growing

Flannery Safety Consulting is growing!

Starting in May, the company has added a new staff member. Brian Hlushko has come on board as a Safety Consultant, focusing primarily on helping build safety programs for our clients.

Safety Consultant

Brian was born and raised in Saskatchewan, is married with two kids, was a child actor, and is a self-professed Star Wars nerd.

Brian has been working in the Occupational Health and Safety field in various roles for 10 years. Beginning his career as a Primary Care Paramedic in Saskatchewan, he quickly began offering both pre-hospital care, and various occupational testing services which included audiometric, spirometry, and DOT Drug Alcohol testing.


Brian graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology OHS Program with distinction in 2021. 

Throughout his career he has built custom safety programs for both large and small organizations. In 2021, his program build for the YMCA of Lethbridge obtained a historically high passing score in their COR audit. 

His emergency services foundation provides a unique perspective when assessing risk and potential mechanisms of injury. Through this experience, he has directly seen the multi-generational impacts of a serious injury, illness or fatality. This understanding has motivated Brian to shift his focus to accident and illness prevention, while maintaining effective response strategies should an accident or incident occur. 

Brian believes safety management systems must be holistically built, and designed with a focus on the end user experience. 

For inquiries, please contact Jim at 403-715-4162 or via email at jim@flannerysafetyconsulting.com.

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